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Business and Economy / Chemicals

parchem fine & specialty chemicals
As a global leader in fine & specialty chemicals, Parchem has built a worldwide reputation as a vita

Shopping and Services

Memory foam pillows
Somus brings you the comfort memory foam pillow. This traditionally shaped pillow is soft to provide

Shopping and Services / Gifts

Shopping Online for Apparel, Shoes, Home Decor, Suspenders in India
Millions throughout the world have discovered the benefits of online shopping and Indians are no exc

Entertainment / Games

cooking games for kids
Cooking games. Play Free Online Girl Games for Girls at Didi Games. Summer Fruit Salad - Life, Decor

Business and Economy / Construction and Maintenance

Safety Management In Construction | Project Management Companies In India
Petrotex Global HSE Solution takes an active role in managing the whole HSE aspect of a project.Our

Education / Mathematics

Twenty-Five Years with Nicolas Bourbaki
Article by Armand Borel from a lecture at Bochum in September 1996 in honour of R.Remmert.

Washington Post: The Search for Infinity
Discusses the development of the concept of infinity from the early Greeks of the fifth to the secon
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Renaissance Mathematics
Discusses the technological, commercial and political reasons for the increase in mathematical development during this period.
Roman Numerals and Roman Dates
Roman numeral and date conversion, with Roman numerals calculator and Roman numerals test

Keywords: Roman numerals,Roman dates,Roman calculator,Roman numerals test,conversion,JavaScript
Mesopotamian Mathematics - 8000 B.C. to 364 A.D.
The mathematics of ancient Mesopotamia, from Sumer to Babylon

Keywords: Mesopotamian mathematics, Babylon, Sumerian, cuneiform, tablets, Assyria, multiplication, reciprocals
Mechanical Aids to Computation and the Development of Algorithms
Notes to Dr. Paul E. Dunne's math history lecture, with images.
Mechanical Calculators Prior to the 19th Century
Explains the development and motivation for creating calculating machines and algorithms.
Mathematics in Latvia throughout the Centuries
Covers the early mathematical development in the country, such as the use of geometrical symbols. Includes discussion of influential works of local mathematicians.
Mechanical Aids to Computation and the Development of Algorithms
Article summarizing and illustrating early methods of counting and representing of numbers.
India's Contribution to Ancient Mathematics
Ancient India's Contribution to Mathematics

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Loci: Convergence
The Mathematics Association of America's online magazine on the history of mathematics and its use in mathematics education.
MathWorld: History
Descriptions and links relating to various historical problems and topics in mathematics.
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